Drawing in Space – Wire Sculptures by David Oliveira

If you are in Lisbon at the moment then why not check out an intriguing art exhibition.

Presented by Gallery at Krypton, ‘Drawing in Space’ features the wire sculpture work of David Oliveira.

David Oliveira was born in Lisbon in 1980. He gained a degree in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Lisbon University and since 2005 has been exhibiting his work both individually and collectively with other artists.

Oliveira’s work has featured in Arte Lisboa – a national art fair which brings together works from contemporary and modern art galleries.

Exploring the idea of line and space, Oliveira plays on optical illusion. Two dimensions become three dimensional works of wire art. His pieces evoke a sense of character just like a sketch. Fashioned only in line, the viewer fills in the space to see the character beyond.

I find his work captivating.

The exhibition ‘Desenhar no Espaço’ (Drawing in Space) runs from the 12th January until the 11th march, Gallery at Krypton on Rua da Junqueira 354, 1300-340 LISBOA. It is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 1pm and 2.30pm until 6pm. Entry is free.

Check out the artist’s blog to see some examples of his work or the video below.

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