Songlines – Atlantic Waves Special

Azulejo 23Atlantic Waves “A Festival of Exploratory Music” is Portuguese music extravaganza that takes place every year in London UK [update 2012 – sadly this festival no longer takes place]. It features international collaborations with musicians coming fom Portugal, Cape Verde, Brazil, Angola and across the rest of Europe. The festival explores everything from the traditional diva’s to luso techno with audio visuals.

I was the lucky recipient of a subscription to Songlines magazine last year as a Christmas gift. Songlines is a long running magazine dedicated to world music and I would hazard a guess that it is the best world music magazine around. Each issue features articles about music across the world and includes a free cd.

The latest issue (November 2007) is a Portuguese special. Not only is there the usual free cd of world music; this time there is also a wonderful free cd full of music from the Atlantic Waves Festival. I am listening to it now as I write this! There is traditional fado from the likes of Liana and Raquel Tavares, extraordinary Portuguese guitar from António Chaíno and techno/dance mixes from Mixhell and Max Blum, Macacos do Chinês and DJ malboro.

Inside the magazine is a huge article on Mariza and also an in-depth guide to the Portuguese guitar.

If you love Portuguese music then get out and grab yourself a copy now!


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