Madredeus – Ainda (From the movie “A Lisbon Story”)



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  1. richard taylor
    November 6, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Yes, I greatly enjoy The Lisbon Story and the well-suited music soundtrack by Madredeus. Rudi Vogler is highly amusing in his role and I like the children in it, too. This movie certainly captures Lisbon’s soulful atmosphere. Enjoyed the long camera shots, too.

    A few years ago, I actually presented an evening of (just) Portuguese music at my local music society here in Olton, Solihull. I included pieces by composers such as Cardoso and Escobar. Just doing a programme of Portuguese music was in itself adventurous , and the fact that some of the music wasn’t classical, either, meant that I chose a rather conservative 20th century piece by Braga Santos (a ballet called Crossroads) rather than anything by more avant-garde composers (not for my sake as i’m a huge Stravinsky fan, for instance,so like the modernist repertoire).

    For the non-classical stuff, I included two songs by the great fadista, Amalia Rodrigues: Barco Negro and I think, probably, Nao e Desgraca Ser Pobre. Also, I featured Ainda and either Alfama or Guitarra by Madredeus from the above mentioned film. As the music in my programme was nearly all from Lisbon, I commenced my programme with a theme tune, that also introduced Lisbon’s tourist dvd at the time: Madredeus and Moro en Lisboa.

    This programme was a labour of love but hard work (certainly my most demanding presentation) as I needed to talk briefly about the various composers of whom my audience would mostly have no knowledge and many works were quite short so I had plenty of these introductions to do. I also had a cousin in Lisbon (Av. Joao Crisostomo) doing some translations for me to hand out!

    My evening seemed to go down well and it was extremely gratifying the following Monday when one of the senior members of our society (even at 61 now, I’m the youngest, I think) mentioned the high quality of some of the recent programmes and referred to my “breathtaking presentation of Portuguese music”.

    I think I still have that programme somewhere; I think if this is the case, I ought to repeat this presentation sometime. There will be quite a few members now, I think, who didn’t hear it the first time around. Most of the music, incidentally, was purchased at one time or another at Fnac in that attractive shopping mall behind its traditional Chiado fa├žade at the lower end of Rua Garrett.

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